Traverse Consort

(Concert - Installation)

I could own a whole renaissance consort, thanks to technology

Audio installation was possible thanks to advanced technology and lute manufacturing.


The resonant spruce diffusers (the same wood of the Stradivari soundboards) of the Audio system plays each instrument while I play live each single part.

Executive practice on historical bases and artistic-technological innovation are both involved in this performance.

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Shir ha Shirim

(Song of Songs) 


A feeling make possible the meeting of different musical traditions: a man and a woman that are in love. Shir ha Shirim (Song of Songs) is considered the sublime poem of the Bible. Music and words let live a musical experience that was originally possible thanks to the Jewish language; then the Arab sensual melodies, “Wasf”, till the Palestrina’s polyphony with Motets from is IV Book, dedicated to this poem. 

A kaleidoscope that involves the audience from the beginning till the end of the show.


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Passio DNJC

(Music: Alessandro Scarlatti, Rome 1679. Sequence from "Christus" by G. Antamoro, Rome 1916)



Passio Domini Nostri Jesu Christi (Rome, 1679) is considered the youth masterpiece of A. Scarlatti. In this show, music interacts with scenes from “Christus” by G. Antamoro (Rome, Titanus 1916), the first kolossal about Jesus’ life.

An union between two languages that mutually enhance the dramatic narrative.

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