Musical instruments


Extraordinary objects; I’m experienced with them not only as musician and conductor, but also as luthier.

When I shoot, I try to depict the most intimate essence of each instrument; it comes to life thanks to his owner’s hand, generating a magic sound. 

The shooting of musical instruments is the only activity in photography that I do on commission. All the projects of the other Galleries are born from my free creative activity.




The harsh, archaic, powerful beauty of Sardinia, the Island of the Nuraghi, is the subject of this meditation through images, which I conducted through these landscapes; suspended as there was "no time", they’re equal to themselves throughout the millennia. These images represent a meditation, operated more in my inner world than in the exteriority of the compositions, in search of a possible relationship with the Transcendent. Go to the "Confessioni" exhibition.

The exhibition "Confessioni".


Acque Cieli Terre 

(Water Skies Lands)

Fragments of memories, places, sensations, as I saw them and lived at that time. Everyone has a small or large place in this fragile - and for this even more - wonderful journey which is existence.


Forms of life 


I am interested in the continuous and inexorable manifestation of that extraordinary and inexplicable event that is life, in all its forms, from plants to animals.

I caught some scraps of it, which meant above all amazement, in considering the magnitude of this mystery, and I enclosed them in the exposition time of these images.