Artistic proposal between philology and multimedia about Renaissance and Baroque.

Early music's productions of mine are historically informed, offering interdisciplinary experiences - like multimedia implementation and artistic installation.

A concept of the performance as a moment of total inspiration, with the aim of the creation of a musical experience on more levels.

Traverse Consort

Renaissance concert - Audio-Digital installation

Shir ha Shirim

Renaissance polyphony, cantillation of the bible in the original language, Arab love chants “Wasf”

Passio DNJC

A. Scarlatti’s Oratory, Rome 1679 - Christus, a film by G. Antamoro, Rome 1916

In the picture: a frame from Shir ha Shirim, the actor-singer Olek Mincer cantillating the Jewish text

Shir ha Shirim - cantillazione


One-act play by Stefano Sabene for dancers, voice-over, singer, medieval traversa, viella, electroacoustic.

The Opera is inspired by medieval texts and monodic compositions by Hildegard von Bingen, which inform the composition as a Cantus firmus. Several characters come to life on stage, expressing themselves in the languages of dance, song, acting, instrumental and electro-acoustic music. A production of agile staging, complete with costumes and digital audio equipment, executable in a concert hall, in a church, or of course in a theater.


Listen an excerpt from the opera O vis eternitatis.


In the image below: the original manuscript of ‘O vis eternitatis’, Antifona by Hildegard von Bingen.