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ROMA LUX & NOX (Rome light and darkness)

pinhole photography

The eternal city during the lockdown.

Rome has its own unmistakable breath, which smells of sacred and glory, intrigue and meanness. It is this aura, inherent in its inhabitants, which strikes the visitor in the gut as soon as he arrives in the city, perceptible in the air, in the light, even in the sounds, between the sublime roar of the fountains and the miserable screeching of traffic.​

The city appears asleep without the usual swarm of tourists due to the lockdown period in which the photos were made. Light and shadow, the grandiose and tragic duality starts from the candid white of the travertine and ends in the dark black of the basalt, the typical stones of monuments, palaces and streets of Rome.​

The ancient principle of the camera obscura is the only medium that can be practiced for me in an attempt to give rise to a representation where everything, from the small hole to the infinite, is in focus, and at the same time without detail. A deliberate renunciation of the definition of the graphic sign to focus the vision on the light returned by artifacts that have spanned the centuries or millennia. From the pure white or the deep black of these pages shape and color emerge, as sound can be born from silence, and life from breath.

In addition to the limited edition prints, the photo book is available which contains 43 images of this project. 

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