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SHIR HASHIRIM (Song of Songs)

pictorialism in photography

Solo Exhibition with artist performance in Rome, Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, from December 2019 till January 2020. Curator: Maurizio Vinciguerra.

Published on: The eye of photography magazine

The work is inspired by the Song of Songs and the love poems of antiquity. The female nude appears in an Edenic light, which emanates from the creation itself and illuminates the wonderful metaphors of the poem, where the body is a luxuriant garden, a source of clear water, harmony of forms and perfumes in perfect symbiosis with nature.

Each image originates from the stratification of several frames, from the sedimentation of lights, volumes and colors which I then patiently dug, as in an archaeological site. A photographic pictorialism that draws on the practices of the early days, translated into the digital domain.

The rich palette of colors, often found on the edge of the print gamut, is also inspired by poetic dynamics. To underline the temporal and literary heterogeneity of the texts, I looked for an expressive way by looking at very distant figurative experiences,from the Byzantine iconography with its golds and mosaics to the art of the Renaissance up to the photographic nudes of the early 1900s by Julien Mandel.

The complete project is available in the limited edition artist book Shir HaShirim: 26 original prints, full text of the Song of Songs (my version) and the love poems of antiquity.

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