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electroacoustic music and contemporary art

Playing the artwork like a musical score.

This is the idea from which the AkusmArt project originates.

Electroacoustic music and contemporary art resonate with each other, giving life to original creations and synesthetic experiences.

The project offers multiple applications, including the creation of electroacoustic music for acousmatic concerts, as well as providing sound and video customization for museums, art galleries, and private collections.


\\Video demo//

Visual and musical languages contain highly specialized codes, although many terminologies are common and can often overlap: composition, color, dynamics, rhythm ...

In AkusmArt, the composer relates them, adding the sound generated by the artwork to visual perception, expanding the observer's options for appreciation.

The electroacoustic instrument serves as the ideal medium for giving sonic form to the compositional structures of visual works and is, along with video art, at the core of the AkusmArt project.

The AkusmArt performance creates a 3D audio representation that envelops the viewer with sound through an Acousmonium specifically created for this project, adaptable to the characteristics of the hosting environment.

A system of speakers driven by a high-fidelity multitrack amplifier (24 bit / 48 kHz) provides a 3D acoustic spatiality that immerses the viewer in the visual and auditory flow of the acousmatic piece created by the composer, which the viewer experiences in real-time through a 4k video projection of the artwork.

During the electroacoustic performance, every element of the painting—shapes, lines, colors—comes to life in the video art projection, culminating in a total recomposition, visually interacting with the musical sounds.

The artworks are by major authors of the 20th and 21st centuries: Kandinsky, Klee, Picasso, Mondrian, Rothko, Esposito...

Each author, even in the musical transposition, reveals a highly personal voice, surprisingly corresponding to the characteristic graphic signature.

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