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pinhole photography

Science and faith agree in attributing a fundamental role to water for the birth of all forms of life. In the opening words of the Bible we read "... the spirit of God hovered over the water".

These photographs ideally bring us back to the incandescent magma of creation, which since the beginnings of humanity has been declined in myths, deities, legends, superstitions, rituals.

It is again the biblical text, the Psalm 76, which offers the most effective title for this project: Your way passed over the sea, / your paths over great waters /and your footprints remained invisible.

The photographic representation is made using the most archaic technique, known as camera obscura or pinhole. Nothing but a tiny hole in these photographs divides the scene from the sensitive material. Everything is in focus and nothing is perfectly defined, as happens to our inner eye when it opens on transcendent realities, which go beyond sensory perceptions.

The renunciation of the mediation of the lenses is an opportunity to translate the image into an indefinite time, leaving out the figurative representation to bring the visualization on the spiritual, interior level.

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