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Stefano Sabene

musician, visual artist

"It's not enough to listen to music, you have to see it!" (Igor Stravinsky)

This sentence sums up my artistic vision.


In my project Akusmart, for example, I follow the same path indicated by Stravinsky, but in reverse. I interpret the artwork like a pianist plays a score, and it is always amazing to discover how much sound there is in a color or a line.


It is no coincidence that Karlheinz Stockausen considered Paul Klee, the great painter, the best teacher of musical composition.


Stefano lives and works in Rome (Italy) as a musician and visual artist.


He is the artistic director of the Roma Opera Omnia festival and Festival Spiritualia, making art and music programs in the best museums and galleries in Rome.

Professional experiences: hundreds of international concerts as music director, conductor, flutist, and singer of Renaissance polyphony and multi-instrumentalist in early music.

As principal conductor of the Orchestra Mozart Sinfonietta he has collaborated with soloists such as Boris Bloch, Luìs Bacalov, Carlo Bruno and composers like Sylvano Bussotti, Luìs Bacalov, René Clemencic, Hans-Juergen Gerung, Luigi Esposito, with many first executions.


Stefano is the artistic director of Spiritualia festival; Producer of the Opera Omnia label; Composer specialized in electroacoustic music; Director of Schola Romana Ensemble; creator and performer of the Traverse Consort.

He has received the "Foyer des Artistes" international prize.

In his images, as photographer, he transfers the daily contact with the masterpieces of art together with his musical training, as a flutist, composer and conductor. To create images he uses analogic and digital techniques such as lensless (pinhole-zoneplate) and off-camera photography. Print his photographs himself.

He has collaborated on artistic projects with Institutions like Universities, Academies, Museums, Galleries, and has been invited to participate in RAI and Radio Vaticana broadcasts.

He has made solo exhibitions, performances, and has published artist books, essays, photographic books and numerous music CDs and DVDs.

Other informations

Education, awards, collaborations, CD, Books

Last solo exhibition as fine art photographer

Education: Flute, Conducting, Composition. ​Self-taught in photography.

Awards: Foyer des Artistes international prize for orchestra conductors

Broadcast interviews and performances: RAI Radio 3 Suite; RAI news 24; Radio Vaticana.

Collaborations: Università La Sapienza, Roma; Università Alma Mater, Bologna; Accademia dei Lincei; Comune di Roma.

CD, DVD, Books: Rugginenti editore; Solfanelli; Verso l'arte; Editio Kythara; De Agostini; Niccolò, Chromamedia; Brilliant classics; Audiovisivi S. Paolo; Opera Omnia.

2019 Confessioni, Museo di S. Francesca Romana - Rome.

2020: Shir HaShirim, Galleria Doria Pamphilj - Rome.

2021: Abita la tua voce il mio silenzio, Secret Chapel of Capuchins church - Rome.

2022: Leaves, Colorno Photo Life - Reggia di Colorno (Parma).

Pubblication: The eye of photography (projects Shir HaShirim, Leaves, 2021)

2023: Krónos, Festival Spiritualia, S. Maria in Cappella - Roma

2023: E le tue orme rimasero invisibili, Festimatge, Calella (Barcelona-Spagna)


\\Music for Renaissance transverse flute//


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