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Solo Exhibition: Colorno Photo Life (Reggia di Colorno, Parma)

Project published on: "The eye of photography" magazine

The photographic exploration of the theme is conducted using a digital scanner, upon which I placed leaves collected from the ground at the end of their life cycle. The leaves were chosen without particular attention to aesthetic criteria, as each possesses equal dignity, having participated in the incredible mystery that is life.

The digital scan reveals a harmonious microcosm within each leaf, where the network of veins seems to replicate the image of an entire tree.

The first element I aimed to capture is the architecture of the supporting lines, influenced by a variable geometry depending on the plant species, yet all serving a common purpose: photosynthesis. The lines manifest as jagged patterns within increasingly dense and delicate networks, generating imaginative textures of extraordinary complexity and graphic interest. Paul Klee's teachings proved invaluable in this exploration.

The second element is color, which, assuming the most unpredictable hues, stands as a silent witness to the life that still emerges from the withering leaf.

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